Sweet Remedies Healing Herbal Honeys

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Taking medicine just got a whole lot sweeter Honey is well known for its healing properties. When infused with the additional benefits of medicinal herbs and fruits, it becomes a tasty way to turn natural remedies that can be unpleasant tasting into a treat to take. Author Dawn Combs makes these traditional herbal honeys -- called "electuaries" -- and has created her own formulations for addressing a variety of common health ailments. With Sweet Remedies, readers will learn her methods for making electuaries in their home kitchens, using 45 recipes that range from Respiratory Tonic and Headache Relief to Vitamin C for Kids, Stress and Anxiety, and Heart Healthy, along with instructions for making simple honey infusions and oxymels -- a combination of herbs, honey, and vinegar. Additional recipes offer creative ways to get a daily dose of healing by using herbal honeys in no-bake cookies, smoothies, cocktails, candies, and more. For those with access to the hive, Combs includes an overview of other bee-produce
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