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Get help removing bees from your property!
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Even though we love having bees here at BeeWeaver Honey Farm, we understand that you may not love having them on your property. We can help safely remove and relocate them for you!

Phone calls for advice on removal are always free; you can call our store at (737)230-3435 and send us an email at beekeeper@beeweaver.com with pictures of the swarm and location, and we will assist in getting you the best service possible for your situation. Just ask for a swarm removal expert!

We are equipped to assist with:

  • Swarms of bees only, with no comb or established hive
    • Located no more than 10 feet up in a tree, on your house, etc.
  • Water Meter Bees
    • Bees and comb in a water meter box located in/on the ground.
    • Similarly located bees, at the beekeeper's discretion.

Our service range is within a 50-mile radius of BeeWeaver Honey farm. This generally includes Grimes Co., Brazos Co., Madison Co., Walker Co., Montgomery Co., Burleson Co., Washington Co., Austin Co., Waller Co., and the NW corner of Harris Co.

If you choose to schedule an evaluation and possible removal with us, there will be a $50 in-person evaluation charge. A beekeeper will come out to your property at a time you reserve with us (subject to change due to weather), to evaluate the situation and give you a quote for the removal. This $50 is absorbed into the final payment due, not added on.

There is no mileage charge for those who live within 25 miles from our farm, but the additional miles past that radius are will cost a $0.75/mile charge.

Each situation will have its own unique needs for removal; the beekeeper will make their evaluation and give you the appropriate quote for your removal needs. If you do not agree with the quote, the evaluation fee and mileage fee is non-refundable, but we can offer alternative professionals for you to contact and compare.

BeeWeaver will not remove swarms that have established themselves inside of buildings and other structures which require any form of demolition to access. BeeWeaver Beekeepers are also not authorized to engage in situations which may put their safety at risk, and will only use tools provided by BeeWeaver Honey Farm for the removal. BeeWeaver Beekeepers do not perform exterminations.

Call us today for more information and to make your rescue reservation!



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