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Our hands-on Beekeeping Lesson is the fastest, best way to gain the basic skills and knowledge to become a beekeeper. You will learn about beekeeping tools, hive equipment, and basic bee biology. As you work hives alongside our Bee Expert you will learn to assess and know what actions to take when working your bees. We recommend beekeeping lessons be 4 people max. Each ticket is for 1 guest.

During the booking you will be given an option to rent a suit if need be.

Beekeeping Lessons are available Tuesday - Sunday. Typically we begin offering them March 1 and stop early November (weather dependent).

When you place your order we will contact you to schedule your lesson! Beekeeping is weather dependent so we reserve the right to reschedule as necessary.

We recommend arriving at least 15-30 minutes early to get comfortable and put on your protective gear. If you need loaner gear, please reply to this email with your estimated size for suit/gloves. Our store has a restroom, cold drinks, and we can help you put your gear on if you are uncertain. You will be in the bees for about 1-2 hours so arrive hydrated and fueled up for physical work. Please write down any questions you have in advance. It is easy to forget questions when the bees are buzzing around! We want to be able to help you learn as much as possible.

Please Wear:

light colored clothing

sturdy shoes

pants and long sleeve shirt

white socks

Please Do Not Wear:


dark/fuzzy clothing

high healed or open toed shoes


Please Bring:

protective gear (if you own your own)

water bottle



Please Do Not Bring:


hive tool


From a beekeeping student in 2021:

Kevin and I are so very grateful for the experience we had at BeeWeaver Honey Farm on Saturday.

We had signed up for the private lesson and we learned so much, and had so many of our questions answered by Ms. Marie and Mr. Roosevelt. They were excellent teachers and we were so comfortable being out among the bees with them. It was casual, informative and just fascinating! What a lovely combination of real life education from Mr. Roosevelt and the more formal education from Ms. Marie! I could not recommend them more! They were terrific!

We also had a delightful time shopping in the shop. So cute! We felt welcomed by each of the ladies who spoke with us in the shop!

I can't wait to return in 2 weeks to pick up our first 2 nucs!

I was delighted to pick up a box of 10 wax frames for our deeps. Marie and Roosevelt were so very knowledgeable about helping us get set up for success!

We talked all the way home (yep, 4 hours) about how our own apiary was destined for success now that we have seen bees up close and very personal and are so anxious to get this process started.

We are truly delighted with our experience. Thank you so much for your presence.

We are so grateful.

We just cannot thank you enough!

Mary Lynn and Kevin

Hondo TX

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