Mule Grip Frame Gripper

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Let's make beekeeping easier, faster and fun. The Universal Frame Gripdesign can be usedon BOTH Plastic and Wood Bee Frame Foundations from all standard Suppliers and Manufacturers sold today. It is theonly frame grip designedwhich firmly holds ALL models of wood and plastic bee frames securely without slipping even while holding horizontal. Wood framesare held on three sides squarely in the center of both ends without damaging the bee frame. Plastic framesare held within a specific shaped cradle section which holds the bee frames on all four sides.This design works equally even on the heavier wall models. Locking Feature– A highly acclaimed addition of this model is the ability to lock the frame grip securely around the bee frame. This is accomplished by simply turning clockwise a clamping knob attached through a special sliding locking arm. The Mule-Grip™ unit adjusts to the width of the frame. It will stay locked even when set aside until the clamping knob is turned counter-clockwise to release its hold. R
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