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***If your area is expected to have extreme temperatures during shipment time of your order please delay ordering - many bees are arriving dead due the cold.***

Orders must be in by 7AM Wednesday, or they will ship the following week. We try to ship Mini Bee Pacs Mondays-Wednesdays to reduce the risk of bees getting caught in the mail over the weekend. All Bee Pacs are shipped Priority Mail.

For years, BeeWeaver has shipped 10-12 bees at a time to customers who use the bees for apitherapy, art, and more. Demand has slowly increased with time so we felt we should add this product to our website.

We ship worker bees in the same 3-hole wooden queen cages that we use for most of our queen shipments. We can ship our mini bee pacs most of the year, but during extreme heat and cold it is best not to ship.

Storage: Smear 1 drop of water on the screen each day, darkish place (no direct sunlight or bright lights) with no exposure to drafts and pesticides. I usually lean them back against something so the candy end is down and the bees can rest on the wood back of the cage.

BeeWeaver does not guarantee any benefit from using bee stings to help with health and vitality, but we hope those seeking help from bees find it.

BeeWeaver guarantees live arrival for mini bee pacs. If you should receive dead or damaged bees please take a picture, keep the bees, and notify beeweaver via email.

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