Queen Rearing Course

Queen Rearing Course
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A special session for beekeepers wanting to learn how to raise queen bees. Even if you do not want to produce queens, this course will make any beekeeper a better beekeeper.

NOTE! This is a 2 full day course - March 23 & 24, 9 AM - 4 PM

Methods for Production of Healthy and Vigorous Honey Bee Queens
A hands-on course of instruction and practical application of queen rearing techniques and best practices led by Bee and Queen Production Experts Dan Weaver, Roosevelt Roberson, Ana Rosa Hernandez, Maribel Hernandez, Marie Yanchak, and the whole Bee Weaver crew.

After a classroom introduction to the basic biology and principles of queen production, you will have a chance to observe and assist “hands on” with queen rearing procedures, including but not limited to exposure on methods of selection of breeder queens, producing and finding larvae of optimal age for grafting, the process of grafting - transferring 1st instar or early 2nd instar larvae into queen cell cups, queen cell production and care, queen cell harvesting, and stocking mating nuclei.
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