Entrance Reducer - 10 Frame

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Clover Product ID: DE19GBV9ZTT14
UPC: 226479871303
  • PROTECT YOUR BEES - Use this entrance reducer to control ventilation and keep out pesky honey robbers! This is a great option whether you are a beginner backyard beekeeper or an expert bee farmer.
  • HIVE COMPATIBLE - This entrance reducer will fit directly into the front entrance of your hive. Designed to fit a 10-frame Langstroth hive, it will work with a hive box that has either a solid or screened bottom board.
  • ACCESSIBLE DESIGN - This entrance reducer tool allows space for the bees to come and go while preventing unwanted insects inside, simply place the reducer beneath the bottom brood box to create the entrance size desired.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The reducer is made of solid natural unfinished pine and cut with two notches to provide two different entrance sizes great for bee keeping, this product is a great addition to any keeper's kit of supplies.
  • IDEAL SIZE - The Little Giant Entrance Reducer measures: L 16.625” x W 3.625” x H 1.125”.
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