Bee Hive Soap - Honey Blossom

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Isn't this adorable? This unique Beehive shaped soap makes a delightful gift! Made with the same care and quality ingredients as our bar soap, it has delighted customers for years. A full 10.5 ounces, there is a lot of soap in this beautiful package! It makes a great stand-alone item, or dresses up any display. Honey Blossom fragrance only.Why It's So GoodYou've heard the expression, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness," right? We train our children to wash up before meals, after using the toilet, and while taking a bath, "…And don't forget to use SOAP!" Soap is an important part of our daily lives, but sometimes we don’t think too much about it. Perhaps we should. Soap can be harsh and drying and cause all kinds of skin problems if we are not careful. Here is why our Honey Blossom Soap is So Good For You! First we use a vegetable base for our soap, rather than animal fat because it can be less pore-clogging, and frankly, it smells better! Then we add Shea Butter to the base because it is fantastic for moist
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