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BeeWeaver Queens

All BeeWeaver queens are produced by us in Texas in the Brazos Valley.

Pick Up Location: BeeWeaver Honey Farm

Pick Up Address: 16481 CR 319, Navasota TX 77868

Please note you will see upon check a tax/fee. There is NO TAX on your purchase. It is 100% fees generated by our booking software. These fees will allow us to communicate directly to you about your pick up and give you any last minute updates concerning potential weather or production issues. We also will include some reminders about beekeeping through the spring/summer/fall to help you!

BeeWeaver Bees have evolved to overcome the challenges in the world of bees. Bred from a hybrid of bees, BeeWeaver Queens are chosen for their mite resistance, high honey production & healthy population. 100% of BeeWeaver's hives have been CHEMICAL FREE since 2001.

BeeWeaver Queens available at pick up will be marked, clipped/marked, or plain. You may choose your 'flavor' at pick up based on what we have available at that time.

Pick Up Location: BeeWeaver Honey Farm, 16481 CR 319, Navasota, TX 77868

10% Cancellation Fee up to 1 month prior to pick up. 50% Cancellation Fee if within 1 month of pick up. No refund if cancelled 48 hours or less before pick up.


BeeWeaver honeybees are hardy, productive, mite tolerant and virus resistant stock.

BeeWeaver honeybees respond quickly to pollen and nectar resource changes, which means quick growth in the spring, big honey crops, and low winter mortality.

BeeWeaver bees thrive in a variety of environmental conditions and climates, and with little need for extensive management interventions often required by other bees.

BeeWeaver honeybees will not succumb to Varroa mite infestation or honey bee virus infections. In fact, there is no need to apply chemical treatments to suppress Varroa destructor infestation in hives headed by BeeWeaver queens.

BeeWeaver colonies will build strong populations, produce big honey crops and naturally minimize Varroa mite population growth.

BeeWeaver honeybees detect and eliminate infested pupae - killing subsequent generations of immature mites in the process.

BeeWeaver bees also groom each other and chew mites in the process, leaving mites damaged, susceptible to desiccation or dead.

BeeWeaver bees also mount a distinct immunological response to viral challenge, enabling them to resist infection by several deadly viruses that Varroa mites vector.

BeeWeaver bees increase the expression of some immune genes and reduce the expression of others in response to viral pathogens. The genes upregulated in BeeWeaver bees exposed to viruses are usually downregulated in other strains, and the immune genes downregulated in BeeWeaver bees infected by viruses are usually upregulated in other strains exposed to viruses.

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