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4 Frames of Bees, Brood, Honey and a young, laying, Clipped/Marked BeeWeaver Queen

All BeeWeaver queens are produced by us in Texas in the Brazos Valley.

Pick Up Location: BeeWeaver Honey Farm

Pick Up Address: 16481 CR 319, Navasota TX 77868

Please note you will see upon check a tax/fee. There is NO TAX on your purchase. It is 100% fees generated by our booking software. These fees will allow us to communicate directly to you about your pick up and give you any last minute updates concerning potential weather or production issues. We also will include some reminders about beekeeping through the spring/summer/fall to help you!

Included with all nuc and package bee purchases is a basic 'how to' session and bee expert chat on the scheduled days of pick up. New and moderately new beekeepers are strongly encouraged to attend. Experienced beekeepers are welcome to come to ask questions and share their experience. If you have not kept bees before this chance for a Q&A is helpful, but you will need more beekeeping education. We recommend our hands on Beekeeping Lesson.

A Nuc is a small langstroth colony ready to be placed in a full sized brood box as they continue to grow. Our nucs are made with 4 combs from our hives - averaging 3 frames of brood and 1 frame of honey. We include a cap and ladder frame feeder with our BeeWeaver nucs.

The BeeWeaver Breed is Disease Resistant, Mite Tolerant, and Big Honey Producers.

BeeWeaver breeder colonies are selected annually from our thousands of hives. Our bees have not needed ANY mite treatments since 2001.

Nucs can be placed in a deep, langstroth brood box. Please find a video here of Dan hiving a nuc: How to Hive a Nuc.

10% Cancellation Fee up to 1 month prior to pick up. 50% Cancellation Fee if within 1 month of pick up. No refund if cancelled 48 hours or less before pick up.

Pick Up Location: BeeWeaver Honey Farm

Pick Up Address: 16481 CR 319, Navasota TX 77868

Our nucs come feeders in JESTER NUC BOXES:

Stronger than cardboard nucs.

Bees can not chew through the box like they do on cardboard.

More ventilation than cardboard nucs.

3/4" space above and below frames for feeding, medications, queen cages.

Handholds for easy carrying.

Easy open/close entrance

Can be used year after year

Can be transported in a car

Can be reused and recycled

Dimensions: 22 x 8 x 11 (LWH)

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