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3 Pounds of Fresh Bees and a young, mated, Plain Italian Queen

Pick Up dates & times are estimated. We will stay in close contact with customers about a week prior to pick up for more exact dates/times.

Our Italian Packages and the Queens in them are produced in California. Italian colonies can be established earlier in the spring season based on their early availability and build up quickly to be strong, gentle hives. **They are not Mite Resistant and we recommend requeening later in the summer with a BeeWeaver Queen or treating for varroa mites.

Pick Up Location: BeeWeaver Honey Farm

Pick Up Address: 16481 CR 319, Navasota TX 77868

Included with all nuc and package bee purchases is a basic 'how to' session and bee expert chat on the scheduled days of pick up. New and moderately new beekeepers are strongly encouraged to attend. Experienced beekeepers are welcome to come to ask questions and share their experience. If you have not kept bees before this chance for a Q&A is helpful, but you will need more beekeeping education. We recommend our hands on Beekeeping Lesson.

A Package of Bees is an artifical swarm of bees. The wood and screen container holds 3 pounds of worker bees (approximately 10,000 bees), and, in her own wooden cage, there is a fresh, young, open-mated plain Italian Queen. The worker bees are harvested from colonies and poured through a funnel into the package. The queen is added to the worker bees and they begin to feed and care for their new queen.

Package Bees can be placed in any type of hive. They are for pick up only - the location is BeeWeaver Honey Farm in Navasota, TX. Please find a video here of Dan hiving a package: How to Hive a Package.

10% Cancellation Fee up to 1 month prior to pick up. 50% Cancellation Fee if within 1 month of pick up. No refund if cancelled 48 hours or less before pick up.

Pick Up Location: BeeWeaver Honey Farm

Pick Up Address: 16481 CR 319, Navasota TX 77868

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