Mule Grip Frame Holder

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Fantastic New Product - An updated and redesigned frame holder. Holds 3 bee frames either of wood or plastic or a mix of any style. 

Inspect your hives with this new closed-end design eliminates any concern of frames falling to the ground even if not put in straight.

  • This unique design suspends frames in a rectangular shaped area that prevents them from slipping through or pushed over the end.
  • Fits snug on bee hive without concern for lifting upward when removing frames.

Made of durable Stainless-Steel. Formed with CNC wire forming equipment and assembled by certified welders to ensure long lasting use. No gimmicks or shortcuts in design or materials giving the best quality frame holder sold today. It is almost indestructible.

  • Eliminate any issues of contamination to your hive; as we did not chrome plate or powder coat over concern for potential to chip or peal over time. 

This unit was developed, field tested and approved at the request of our customers/beekeepers like you.

Plus Special Benefit - This unit also doubles as a frame carrier. The offset curved front operates as a handle to carry frames without concern of them slipping loose. Great for splits or grafting.