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September is National Honey Month and what better way to celebrate then to taste new honey infusions! Our Honey Farm explores new flavors and ideas using honey all year long. We pick the very best and share them at our annual INFUZZED gathering. This year (due to Covid) we are booking for 4 slots of 10 people each to enjoy a hive tour, infusion chat, honey tasting, and mead samplings. Only ticket holders will be permitted at our honey bar during their set window. Come early or stay late to enjoy our hive tours just for our INFUZZED guests - 9:30 AM or 12:30 PM. Either time slot is available for you to enjoy the bees! Our food truck for the day will be announced soon!

***Our specialty honey tasting and hive tours are FULL, but our farm and mead company are open for pizza picnics, music enjoyment, and beverages. Come out and have fun. Music starts at 1:00 PM***