Bee Experience

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Get ready to enter the exciting realm of the BEES! We will suit you up and take you out with an experienced beekeeper to get up close and personal with a live working bee colony. Enjoy a fun tour through a hive and see how a bee colony functions as a super-organism turning flowers into food! Our beekeeper can take photos of you holding frames of bees and working the hive - all your friends will be amazed how adventurous you are! This is a hands-on, in the bees, interactive experience, for up to 4 people The experience is approximately 1 hour long and geared for ages 10 and up.

In Hive Experience is weather dependent and generall runs from February through November.

We recommend arriving at least 15-30 minutes early to get comfortable and put on your protective gear. If you need loaner gear, please reply to this email with your estimated size for suit/gloves. Our store has a restroom, cold drinks, and we can help you put your gear on if you are uncertain. You will be in the bees for about 1-2 hours so arrive hydrated and fueled up for physical work. Please write down any questions you have in advance. It is easy to forget questions when the bees are buzzing around! We want to be able to help you learn as much as possible.
Please Wear:
  • light colored clothing
  • sturdy shoes
  • pants and long sleeve shirt
  • white socks
Please Do Not Wear:
  • perfumes/cologne
  • dark/fuzzy clothing
  • high healed or open toed shoes
  • shorts
Please Bring:
  • protective gear (if you own your own)
  • water bottle
  • camera
  • questions
Please Do Not Bring:
  • smoker
  • hive tool
  • pets