Honey Rambler Gift Set

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Honey, like wine, allows us to travel through taste. Every region and every year honeys will vary by color, taste, texture, and density. Think earthy, floral, and fruity! Our Rambler Gift Pack has 3 of our favorite honeys in the world!

Lehua Ohia (Organic): Produced on the Big Island of Hawaii by Big Island Bees this thick, creamed honey is white and smooth. Perfect for cooking, sweetening beverages, and eating straight out of the jar. Its mild flavor makes a favorite of tea drinkers because it will not overwhelm the taste of the tea. Bottled in a 9 oz glass, round jar.

Whipped Clover Honey with Huckleberries: Wyoming wild clover honey is churned with huckleberries - a Rocky Mountain classic. Perfect as a topping for oatmeal, pancakes, and bisquits. The thick, low moisture clover honey is a perfect partner for the huckleberry. The purple huckleberries tend to be more mild, similar to a blueberry. Bottled in a 9 oz glass, mason jar.

Mexican Mesquite: Head south of the border to the desert regions of Mexico full of Mesquite trees and you will find hives brimming full of lightly floral, dense mesquite honey. Mesquite honey is perfect in either liquid or crystalized stages. Bottled in a 9 oz glass, hexagonal jar.

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