Glamour Camping never has been so sweet. We have 4 unique tents in the middle of our Commercial Apiary and we are looking forward to hosting all of you Glampers! Each tent has its own personality and all the comforts you need for peaceful night’s sleep (yes we have HVAC!). Choose between our 2 queen options or our 2 twin options, or book multiple tents. Book all 4 and save! Our farm has shared climate controlled restrooms, private shower room, and an outdoor shower. Thursday – Sunday we have meal options and Monday – Wednesday we have snacks and picnic packs in our store.

Slow Down

Simple living does not mean you have to give up creature comforts. Each tent is equipped with AC, heat, fans, lighting, mini-fridges, microwaves, and more. If you need to jump on WiFi, head to one of our screened porches. We encourage R&R while at our tents.

Learn More about Glamping – email us at for reservations

Get Outside

We all know that spending more time in nature makes us happier and healthier. Our Texas countryside in Lynn Grove, just south of College Station and NW of Houston is perfect for taking in the beauty of our world. Our tents help circle our large community picnic area and garden.

Our Location

The Family

We had the whole family in mind when we planned our Glampground! Children are welcome and so are your Fur Babies. We have set aside 2 tents specifically to be pet friendly. Your leashed pup is welcome to enjoy our farm, including our store. Please note we do have farm cats – please keep your pups on lead.

Our Activities

Choose your favorite – just click on a tent!

All that Glitters
Thistle Bee Fun
In a Meading
Hive Check