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Remember when celebrity chef, Emeril Lagasse, would ‘kick it up a notch’ and give his food some ‘Bam!’ and the audience would wildly applaud? Well, Sticker Mule is Emeril of the Swag World! Sticker Mule ‘Kicks it up a Notch’ and throws in some ‘BAM!’ for all our designs. Standing ovation!

@LewisCarnegie, our award-winning design team, cooks up some of the best graphics and lock ups in our industry (BEES!). Time and time again we are complimented on our brand. We quickly learned our customers wanted to take our designs home with them! Sticker Mule gives our company many AFFORDABLE ways to share these super cool designs with our loyal customers – Buttons, Stickers, Magnets, Key Chains and MORE!

Sticker Mule’s latest and greatest feature is their new Glitter Sticker. Who doesn’t like a little bling? Our original Texas Bee sticker was super popular (Texans LOVE Texas!). Only, now we can’t keep them in stock – we kicked them up a notch with the glitter sticker feature! They are buzzing out the door as soon as they hit the shelf.

Have a design that needs kicked up a notch? Check out Sticker Mule’s latest and greatest feature – Glitter Stickers!

How to get started? Sign up for Sticker Mule’s DEALS. You will get the text alerts or emails and before you know it your swag will come to life. Note to folks who don’t have ready to go artwork or want some specific change made before printing. Sticker Mule’s art department has supported changes and even reached out directly over concerns on some orders (bee antennae are very thin!). We have ordered from a variety print shops previously, hands down Sticker Mule’s order process is the easiest to use and the quality of the products exceeds any other vendor.

Shine, baby, shine! STICKER MULE!

Bam, bam, bam!