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Honeycomb is nature’s most pure food. Honey is ready to eat – so much so it comes in its own package! Perfect wax hexagons with little wax caps. We are thrilled to share with you some of our favorite ways to serve, eat, and enjoy comb honey.

The Dessert Board: Fill your plate with chocolates, cookies, whipped cream, candied fruits, nuts, and a chunk of comb honey. You will have the sweetest ending possible to any gathering. Pair with a sweet mead, like @WildFlyerMead’s Seventeen or Marooned.

The Charcuterie Board: Select cheeses, olives, fresh fruit, crackers, crusty bread, and comb honey make a perfect beginning to any gathering. As you break off sections of the comb the honey that spreads across the board can be mopped up with the chunks of bread. Pair with a dryer mead, like @WildFlyerMead’s Almost Paradise or Baby Outlaw.

Specialty Shaped Accents: Because comb honey comes in many small packages (the comb!) you can cut it to fit your needs! Starts, hearts, shamrocks, hexagons, and more. Each season your comb honey can become the center piece of holiday table.

Salad Sweetener: Tiny chunks of comb, crumbled goat cheese and/or feta, tossed in a green leaf salad will add the perfected combination of flavor, sweetness, and texture to your meal.

Nature’s First Chewing Gum: Comb honey all on its own is a wonderful treat. Beekeepers love sneaking a bit as an afternoon snack while working a hive – and you can enjoy a tiny chunk of comb too. The pure beeswax is nature’s first chewing gum – up to you if you want to swallow it or not!

We offer cut comb honey and chunk comb honey. It is important to understand the difference. Cut comb are sections cut directly out of the frames from the bee hive and packaged ready to eat. The chunk comb are smaller chunks of comb, placed into jars and the the jars are then filled with liquid honey. Both are delicious, natural ways to enjoy the bounty of the bees.

Remember – our ingredients are only flowers, sunshine, and rain.