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We started with our first B ‘n B, The Loft, which was a 1990s office space located above our commercial honey packing warehouse. the past 10 or so years it became a glorified storage room for all our “backstock”. Laura Weaver had the great idea to gut it and convert it into is current glory. It had hideous built-in shelves that we tore down to waist level, the whole place got a facelift with fresh paint, new appliances, and all new furniture. The second office space was torn down and in place a screened in porch was put in. I like to say this is the most modern space our farm has to offer. It has very clean lines, modern furniture, and neutral colors with little pops of bee décor. This beautiful B ‘n B sleeps up to 3 and is perfect for an intimate night away or a weekend stay with a glass of mead in hand. 

Our second rental, Binford Corner, fell into our lap when a family member made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. It’s only located a mile from BeeWeaver Honey Farm. The family wanted this beautiful 1912 schoolhouse to be remembered as they did in their childhood. When we first started on the renovations, we knew we wanted to keep the demo to a minimum to keep the integrity of the house. The only facelifts we gave it were in both bathrooms and leveling the home itself. When you walk in it is like a blast into the past, as they left all the original furniture and the best tchotchkes, mostly from the early 1900s. So much was handmade with love by the lady of the house, Eglan Binford, you will find her pieces scattered throughout the house. This historic home is the perfect spot for a couple’s night out or a group of friends/family as it sleeps 13!

Lastly, our 4 glamping tents, came along and were built by TentMasters out of Tennessee. They were able to get them up in 3 days, which seems nearly impossible in my eyes. This was the first solo staging I had done on any of these B ‘n B projects and not to toot my own horn, but I think they turned out fabulous. They each have their own “color scheme” and are fully stocked with all that you would need to camp out. Each has their own HVAC so no need to worry about the Texas summers or even those sporadic cold nights. They share a community shower area, including an outside shower, a kitchen, and individual his and hers bathroom. You will be sure to feel like your camping on a bee farm with the comfort of home. These tents can sleep up to 3 and you will be sure to enjoy every minute of your stay.

Written by your friendly worker bee/Bee&Bee Manager,
Kate Bell