Built in 1912 – Family Home – School House – Community Center – Community Park – Couple’s Retreat

2.7 acre tract constituted the northeast corner of the one hundred acre farm acquired in 1912 by B.I. and Mamie Binford, the paternal grandparents of Marialice (“Bennie”) and Jessie Stone Binford, Jr. “(J.S”). In 1913, B.I. conveyed the tract to Lynn Grove School District #11, where Stone Binford, Bennie’s and J.S.’ father, attended school. When the school district was consolidated with the Navasota School District, the land and the buildings reverted, by deed provision, to the B.I. Binford Estate. In 1952, Mamie Binford conveyed the property to the Lynn Grove Community and it became the Mamie Binford Park. In 1966, two years after it was no longer used for a community center, it once again, by reversionary clause in the deed, reverted to the Binford Estate. Stone and Eglan Binford acquired “The Corner” on February 11, 1966 from the thirty three living heirs of B.I. and Mamie, and remodeled the old school building for their retirement home. “Bennie” and “J.S.” acquired “Binford Corner” by testamentary devise on the death of their parents. Book Now.

Above: Marialice (daughter of Stone & Eglan Binford niece of Lela Binford Weaver) with her husband, Joe, and grandchildren at ‘The Corner’ in 1996. Lela, Dan’s grandmother, was one of many to deed Binford Corner to her brother, Stone, in 1966.

“Binford Corner”, Lynn Grove Community, South Grimes County, Texas

Binford Corner is a family style vacation home located only 1 mile from our farm and meadery. You will step back in time when you stay at Binford Corner – a time of simplicity, peace, and family gatherings. Book Now.