Built in 1912 – Family Home – School House – Honey Storage – Community Center – Community Park – Couple’s Retreat

Coming Soon, a family style vacation home located only 1 mile from our farm. Binford Corner is a historic family property built in 1912 on Dan Weaver’s grandmother Binford’s side of the family. This property was used as a family home, schoolhouse (Binford Weaver, Dan’s father, went there as a boy in the 1930s), community center, park, storage for honey drums & other beekeeping supplies, and again as a home to the Binford Family after extensive renovations in the 1960’s and 1970’s by Eglan and Stone Binford, and their heirs. We feel honored to be the next Binford ancestors to steward this historic family property. After 110 years we will be opening the home to vacationers after some minor repairs. You will step back in time when you stay at Binford Corner – a time of simplicity, peace, and family gatherings. Watch for details coming soon.

Above: Marialice (daughter of Stone & Eglan Binford niece of Lela Binford Weaver) with her husband, Joe, and grandchildren at ‘The Corner’ in 1996. Lela, Dan’s grandmother, was one of many to deed Binford Corner to her brother, Stone, in 1966.