BeeWeaver 3# Package - NAVASOTA

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A Package of Bees is an artifical swarm of bees. The wood and screen container holds 3 pounds of worker bees (approximately 10,000 bees), and, in her own wooden cage, there is a fresh, young, open-mated BeeWeaver clipped and marked Queen. The worker bees are harvested from colonies and poured through a funnel into the package. The queen is added to the worker bees and they begin to feed and care for their new queen.

All BeeWeaver queens are produced by us in Texas in the Brazos Valley.

The BeeWeaver Breed is Disease Resistant, Mite Tolerant, and Big Honey Producers. 

BeeWeaver breeder colonies are selected annually from our thousands of hives. Our bees have not needed ANY mite treatments since 2001.

Package Bees can be placed in any type of hive. They are for pick up only - the location is BeeWeaver Honey Farm in Navasota, TX.  (SORRY WE CANNOT HAUL MORE TO AUSTIN, THOSE TRUCKS ARE FULL)

16481 CR 319, Navasota TX 77868

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