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Selecting Bees for Environmental Resilience

Posted by Dan Weaver on 16th Nov 2020

Breeding bees that mitigate survival risks under normal fall and winter weather patterns, and exhibit enhanced survival capacity during atypical but increasingly frequent climate and weather extremesB … READ POST »

Feeding Hives in Preparation for Winter and Early Spring

Posted by Dan Weaver on 3rd Nov 2020

It is usually a good idea to pick one of more mild fall days to work through your colonies to make sure they are ready for winter and early spring.Of course the length of time that your colonies will … READ POST »

Avoiding Robbing

Posted by Dan Weaver on 29th Oct 2020

Avoiding Robbing – perhaps the most challenging aspect of Fall colony management?In some parts of the country it is already too cold to think about working bees except on those exceptional sunny, warm … READ POST »


Posted by Dan Weaver on 3rd Aug 2020

Are my bees too defensive?How do you decide if your hive is too easily provoked to sting?If your hive is hyper-defensive, what should you do, or how might you remedy the problem?If you have asked your … READ POST »

Holidazze 2019 Recipes

Posted by Laura Weaver on 11th Dec 2019

Our Christmas Open House, Holidazze, was this past weekend and we enjoyed sharing food, stories, mead, and more with our guests. Whether you attended or not, you may enjoy some of the recipes we cooke … READ POST »

Beyond Beekeeping - Bee Marketing

Posted by Laura Weaver on 4th Dec 2019

Recently the Texas Beekeepers Association invited Tara Chapman of Two Hives Honey and me to a discussion about marketing bees, honey, and more. Aside from thoroughly enjoying the time with Tara as w … READ POST »