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Is it time for a new queen?

Posted by Dan Weaver on 13th Jul 2019

When should I requeen? This is a question we get all the time, and unfortunately, it is easier asked than answered…. But there are a few simple (or least simple to describe) assessments that … READ POST »

Supering your Colony for a Honey Flow

Posted by Dan Weaver on 31st May 2019

One of the most satisfying aspects of beekeeping is to watch a colony’s population explode and the hive fill up with honey. Bees on a honey flow are fascinating to watch, and if you’re lucky enough to … READ POST »

Letter from Dan Weaver Concerning SB 677 Testimony

Posted by Dan Weaver on 11th Apr 2019

Greetings, fellow Texas beekeepers and friends,Some have tried to create a tempest over my testimony before the Senate Ag Committee. On March 11th, before heading to bee yards to stock mating nucs, I … READ POST »

Swarm Control

Posted by Dan Weaver on 3rd Mar 2019

Rapid and early spring buildup in some parts of Texas present ‘a-good-problem-to-have’ for beekeepers in those parts.Swarm control, that is preventing the better part of your bees and the potential fo … READ POST »