Colony Management from BeeWeaver

Colony Management from BeeWeaver
Colony Management from BeeWeaver
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Initially many landowners who want or need bees will not work the hives themselves. You may purchase your colonies and contract with BeeWeaver to manage your bees. Once established all management contract clients receive wholesale rates on bees, equipment and gear. Most yards of bees will need 5-8 visits per year.

Management costs are $50/hour, plus $30/hour drive time and .60/mile round trip plus any equipment or bees necessary. Distance is based on if the the beekeeper is working out of Navasota, Austin, or Dripping Springs, TX. We always choose the closest location possible.

Our colony management is maintained by two experienced beekeepers. You can request to have Danny Weaver as your manager. Please note his rates are $200 for the first hour and $50 for additional hours. Drive time/Mileage are the same.

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